Xbox 360 is the most popular racing video game console today, only unsold by PS2. Considering the age of its rival, now there is not much competition left between both. Microsoft deserves the top stop thanks to the huge gaming compatibility it provides and the brilliant games that are available for it.

Xbox Driving SimulatorRacing titles like Project Gotham and Forza Motorsport helped made Xbox 360 the second most popular gaming platform for video game racing. They are nothing like Gran Turismo of course, but are good enough for Xbox. They say that the Xbox gaming controller is the most comfortable controller for a gaming console. However it feels like it's not good enough for racing games. This is not because there is something wrong with the controller itself, it's just that driving cannot be done with a controller. It needs a steering wheel, just like any other real life car. And yes, Microsoft once again has thought about that problem - they have designed their own steering wheel that is just compatible for their console - the Xbox360 Wireless Steering Wheel. With fewer cables, this piece of equipment does a very good job indeed.

Yet again, there is still something that is not perfect about it. Gamers say they can't get the most out of the game, their cars can't be felt to the limit. There is a huge lack of stability and comfort which becomes frustrating while playing. Again, the problem is not because of the steering wheel. It's a fact that every steering wheel needs to be placed onto a durable frame which gives grip and protection against the sudden turns and twists of the wheel. In other words - gamers need a driving cockpit simulator which will provide stability, comfort and confidence.

OpenWheeler driving simulator is the perfect piece of equipment that will do the job better than anything else. Not only it will provide a strong frame for the wheel to stick to, it will also give gamers huge comfort thanks to the real driver's seat design.

The racing game simulators are immense pleasure creators. Notably the OpenWheeler driving simulator chair. You can have the OpenWheeler at home and experience an unparalleled realism in contrast with the sofa, couch, bureau or any regular chair or table. OpenWheeler is no doubt the most inexpensive driving game simulator seat.

Driving Simulator for Xbox 360